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Sport & leisure activities

A global solution for an efficient management of stadiums, arenas and theme and amusement parks.
Rest’Office® has become the leading POS software solution able to manage all different kind of outlets (fast-food, dining service, shops, staff use…) within a unique and integrated Database.

Our M-POS software solutions allow our clients to manage different « short-lived » outlets while conserving the important data (sales...).

Our latest APP allows customers to place an order through their mobile and tablet devices.

sales transactions managed each year
Users of our solutions
locations where our solutions can be found

Attractive features

It makes easier to place an order

Management of multiple outlets

Management of the remote orders (smartphone and E-commerce)

Vouchers management

Changes in menus managed automatically (by seasons, lunch/dinner time…)

Cards ID, VIP, season ticket holders…

QR code generator, promotional offer

Customer invoicing management

Follow-up on the daily stock by point-of-sale

Real-time messaging to the tills

Till mapping control module

Management of multiple outlets

High-level security by managing the access rights to the software functions

They put their trust in us and we lead them to success

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